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June 27, 2010

What does your company do? Pindan is an integrated property group with services including construction, development management, contracting and housing. The construction division is diversified and across all building segments including commercial construction, apartments and grouped dwellings, with Pindan Contracting specialising in regional remote and civil construction. Commercial caters for offices, aged-care facilities, industrial, retail, schools and other specialist projects while apartments concentrates on high and medium-density residential developments. Grouped dwellings specialises in grouped housing, house and land packages and retirement villages. Pindan also encompasses Switch Homes for Living, a newly formed project-home business, and Formas Australia, which provides modular housing solutions. How did you get started? With building and construction in the family, I graduated from the University of WA with a double degree in engineering and commerce. I started working for a structural design consultancy in Perth and then spent time in the industry overseas before returning to home and a position within the family business, Pindan. Best job, and why? While it might come across a little biased, I would definitely say working for Pindan because the opportunities and autonomy I have been given have allowed me to forge my own career in the direction I feel is best for me and the company. Turning point in your career? The decision to accept the opportunity to work as a project engineer for a construction company in London was where things started to turn for me. The change from focusing on structural design for a consultancy to working internally for a construction company was the change that invigorated my passion for construction and engineering. Most important decision at work you have ever made? The important decisions happen every day. I always need to make on-the-spot decisions that take into consideration Pindan’s objectives as well as the needs of our clients to better our partnership. Working on the business development side of things, it’s important those decisions are made well because it will set the foundations for the project as well as the potential of the long-term relationship. Key projects or transactions you have been involved in? With Pindan moving more heavily into a “design and construct” role for many clients, I’ve been helping lead the way and open up partnerships for the company. Recently, I’ve been involved in securing the design and construction of 45 luxury apartments at Leighton Beach and the new multi-million-dollar Maylands multipurpose centre. Who inspires you, and why? I’ve been lucky to have gained inspiration from a large number of people but my father George is the stand out. He’s my biggest inspiration and most important mentor as someone I look up to and he’s always been there to guide me. Biggest challenge now for the property industry? In the face of labour and skills shortages created by a booming mining sector, the challenge will be to control construction costs in the residential and commercial markets.

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