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Experimenting with the layered look

September 10, 2011

The Sunday Times

Experimenting with the layered look has enabled Switch Homes for Living to bring trends normally seen on the catwalk into the design of a home
FASHION trends are influencing the latest housing designs and the team at Switch Homes for Living has become adept at translating catwalk couture into bespoke abodes for discerning clients.
The layered look has proved particularly popular on and off the catwalk, with many of the Switch display homes being decked out with eye catching, textured building products that create depth and interest.
Cladding, timber, brickwork and metal are just some of the features that grace many of the displays facades. Switch Homes for Living sales and marketing manager Lee Morris says the designers have given the homes an artistic flair.
“Using multiple textures on a homes facade is not uncommon, but Switch Homes for Living is taking it to the next level and introducing new features, such as aluminium and cladding to produce homes that are modern and stylish,” he says.
“This trend is reflected in our new display home, the Switcheight180 in Caversham.”
Switch Homes for Living interior designer Brian Haftka says the layering trend is not just limited to facades.
“Layering of different textiles is very trendy for interiors, particularly for window treatments, where we might see a sheer fabric layered over another texture and then paired with a feature print or an organic textile,” Brian says.
“By playing with colours and textiles in furnishings throughout the home, it adds an element of warmth and sophistication.
“Were seeing a lot of feature textures being used to give the home an interesting and modern look.
Says Lee: “We look forward to having people visit the Switcheight180 Caversham property and see for themselves the cutting edge in display home trends.

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