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Fitting Reward

February 8, 2015

Sunday Times, Home Magazine February 8th.

The slender Maya by Switch Homes will boost the confidence of anyone keen to join the “divide and concquer” brigade. If you’re planning to carve up an existing patch of dirt – or even if someone’s already done it for you – this Harrisdale display shows you can enjoy a winning combination of space and style.

While the display model is priced at $418,000, there are versions starting from $301,000. Thanks to a choice of specifications, elevations and floorplan tweaks, buyers can mix and match to suit. Damian Monteleone, sales and marketing manager at Switch Homes, says the Maya is an inspirational starting point, whether you’re building on a $300,000 block in a new estate or on a $700,000 infill site in an established suburb. “This home doesn’t prejudice itself into a particular market,” Damian says.

It’s perfect for single builds and ideal for side by side subdivision projects. One Switch client has even built three on one site, giving each one an individual look. “There’s significant growth in narrow-lot subdivision. And designs today are a lot better than they have ever been”.” As displayed the Maya boasts high ceilings and taller than average windows linking the internal spaces to the alfresco at the side of the home. “If you can’t go wider, then you go higher to expand on the space and make it feel bigger,” Damian says.

The position of the alfresco off the central portion of the home is another critical design feature, allowing plenty of natural light to penetrate and visually drawing the eye outwards. Even the study has a corner window, connecting it to the outdoors and making sure there’s no sense of being hemmed in on a tight block. “You don’t want to have a little study space tucked away in no-man’s land, with no real aspect, this is a study that you can fully work out of. It’s not just a study nook”.

Switch Homes, which has been tackling sites as slim as 6m wide, has made sure the Maya will suit a variety of buyers. These include families, given that it’s not just young professionals and downsizers snapping up narrow lots for the location or low-maintenance lifestyle on offer.

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