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Good time to build new home

January 29, 2012

Hills Gazette

Switch Homes for Living sales and marketing manager Lee Morris has this advice for West Australians considering building their dream home during 2012: Seize the opportunity. Figures in the HIA Housing to 2020 Report show WA will have a shortfall of 112,000 homes by 2020 which will only exacerbate pressure on the rental market and drive a significant increase in home values. Confidence is starting to return to the property market and there are some fantastic land releases offering great value. The next few months is the time to secure yourself some land while its well priced and available. The market forecasting is nothing but good news. The BIS Shrapnel Australian Housing Outlook 2011- 2014 tips the average house price in Perth will hit $565,000 by mid-2014, which exceeds the average prices reached at the peak of the last boom. Its an exciting time for WA property owners and particularly for new builders who will see their property almost immediately increasing in value and enjoying equity in their home. In terms of investment options, the property market unlike the stock market |offers a lot more security. New home designs have embraced the lifestyle enjoyed in WA. Whether choosing a home for a large or more compact block, there has been a real shift towards maximising living space, using smart storage options and for some clients building a home that has the feel of a resort, using opulent products and fitting.

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