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Home security tips

December 21, 2011

The Advocate (Perth)

Lee Morris advises homeowners to invest in a security system. Lee Morris at Switch Homes shares his tips to ensure a safe, secure and stress-free Christmas holiday break. Make sustainable security choices: A home is often the most valuable asset of its owner and its securing should be a well thought out process rather than on an ad-hoc basis. Invest in a security system: Installing a monitored alarm in your home is one of the most effective ways of arming your home against intruders. Intercoms and video monitors are also increasing in popularity, letting you know who is at your door instantly for added security when you are home. Keep bushes and trees pruned on your property: Keeping your yard tidy reduces opportunities for people to hide in near your home. Install smart lighting: Sensor lights and automatic lighting on the inside and exterior of your home give the illusion that people are home. Be sure to use a licensed electrician when installing your new lights. Make your home your castle: Protect your perimeter through fencing, brick work, electric gates, security doors, security grills or roller shutters. Incorporate your security into your home design and consider glass, wrought iron or feature brick to compliment your home while being a physical barrier. Test fire alarms: All new homes have hard-wired fire alarms installed as a requirement, while older homes may have battery-operated alarms fitted. Be sure to test your alarm and replace batteries if required. Do your homework before you leave: Cancel newspaper deliveries, arrange for your bins to be brought in and mail collected and tidy up your home before you leave.

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