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Scandinavian Sojourn

May 4, 2015

Sunday Times, Home Magazine April 12th.

Switch Homes tapped into our love of all things coastal when it created the Scandia, on display in Eglinton, close to Perth’s Northern beaches. Taking inspiration from the Scandinavian coastal design aesthetic, the builder has teamed relaxed light-filled spaces with uncomplicated design features and a free-flowing three-bedroom layout.

Damian Monteleone, sales and marketing manager at Switch Homes, says the result is a thoughtfully designed home that’s perfect for a 12.5m-wide block in areas old and new. “Personally, I love Scandinavian design,” Damian says. “It’s very pared back and simple. It struck a chord with our ethos of keeping the design element simple- don’t complicate it, let’s make it work for what it is.” Stretching across the back of the home, the kitchen, living and dining area is a great example. “That whole zone offers free-form living in a nice simple way,” Damian says.

Several recesses have been included in the Scandia’s design and each can be tailored to suit different needs. As displayed, the recess in the master bedroom, for example, is a great spot for a built-in dressing table, but it could also be turned into extra wardrobe space, become tailored shoe storage or kitted out as a mini office. The nook in the kitchen has been displayed as an IT zone and the recess in the entry foyer features handy storage close to the front door. “You’re allowed to be individual within the confines of the existing design. You can change how you want to use each recess,” Damian says. The approach reflects the strong sense of purpose behind each design decision the Switch Homes team has taken.

From the side portico and the split design of the second bathroom, to the pull-out pantry units in the kitchen and the multipurpose cinema room, the Scandia is a great starting point if you’re looking for a relatively narrow single-storey home that works.

Paula Evans





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