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White on white is clear class

October 9, 2014

West Australian – New Homes Guide – Edition October 4 -5, 2014.

Interior design colour trends come and go – but there is one that is set to stay it’s the all-white kitchen, layering beautiful white on white on white. Interior designer Alana Willis said layering white was a super-sophisticated look when done the right way. “It is a fail-safe way to update a space in a timeless technique especially if you’re a little afraid of colour,” she said. “This look is sure to stay because it can work in so many different schemes, it can have a gallery effect in a modern home, a vintage vibe in a retro house or a classic feel in an older home. “It all depends on the white used, the tile texture and shape, the benchtop material and the tap and cupboard hardware.”

Switch Homes sales and marketing manager Damian Monteleone agreed the white-on-white look had great longevity and had become hugely popular. “In general you will live with the space and colour for quite a while, so it’s best to to pick a colour that is easy to live with, and easy to dress up or down”. “White would have to be the best to showcase all moods.”Overall simplicity, fresh, clean and classic long-term style, it’s just hard to argue with white”.

The Switch Homes narrow-block display The Centro recently won the 2014 HIA Kitchen & Bathroom awards for Best Kitchen in a Display from $190-$220,000 category. Mr Monteleone said the judges praised the looks of the Centro kitchen with its modern white benchtops, splashback and cabinets, all designed by the Switch team to maximise the feeling of space and openness in the popular narrow-block design.

“The kitchen and living zone is to the rear and integrates with the central courtyard so using white allowed us to focus more on the general spaces, making it feel open and airy with rather than complicated with too many colours and material elements,” he said. “We have found that an overwhelming majority of clients seem to be selecting a white base, if nto all white, for the kitchen.” “White is easy to live with and when looking to sell, white rarely offends a buyer.”

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